ENGR 4720 - Manufacturing Processes and Systems (MPS) II

Student teams finalize manufacturing system plans from select ENGR-4710 projects, build a manufacturing system to complete several hundred units of a product, optimize the system, manage a project budget, and conform to a project schedule as proposed in the associated project Technical Data Packages produced by ENGR-4710 Manufacturing Process and Systems I teams.

Course Content

Automation: Includes the theory and application of robotics in manufacturing along with an introduction to part feeders and fixtures. Several different types of industrial robots are programmed to perform various tasks.

Metalworking and Rapid Prototyping: Includes the theory and application of rapid prototyping (RP) in design and manufacturing. Several different RP machines are used to produce simple parts. The theory and application of different metalforming processes is also covered. Laser processing and manual machining are also covered.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC): Programming and operation of both a vertical machining center and an abrasive water jet machine are covered. Programming of a CNC machine using a Computer Aided Manufacturing software package is also covered.

Polymer Processing: The theory and application of polymer processing methods such as injection molding and vacuum forming are covered. Parts are produced using several injection molding machines and a vacuum former.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to efficiently execute manufacturing plans from MPS 1.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to organize a team, plan work, execute plans, integrate tasks, and to effectively communicate with team members and staff.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to build, implement, document, and a complete semi-automated manufacturing system (component manufacturing and product assembly) for producing 400 copies of a product to specifications