Graduate Level Advanced Manufacturing Certificate

Rensselaer's graduate level Advanced Manufacturing Certificate program offers cutting-edge research and innovative curricula to position recipients as national leaders in advanced manufacturing.

Manufacturing Certificate Program

Graduate students interested in receiving an Advanced Manufacturing Certificate from Rensselaer must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Complete a M.S., M.Eng., or Ph.D. degree in engineering
  • Receive a grade of B or better in three specific courses:
    • ENGR 6960 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems
    • MANE 6800 – Manufacturing Systems Integration
    • ISYE 6600 – Design of Manufacturing System Supply Chains
  • Take one additional course from the Manufacturing Course Master List (prior approval not needed) OR complete one culminating manufacturing experience from the list below that is approved by the Manufacturing Forum both midway and at the end of its completion:
    • Thesis (M.S. or Ph.D.) or project (M.Eng.) related to manufacturing
    • Teaching Assistant for ENGR 4710 or ENGR 4720 courses
    • Prior professional experience (one year cumulative) in manufacturing including full-time position, Co-op position, or internship

Students completing the program will receive an Advanced Manufacturing Certificate along with their diploma at graduation as well as formal acknowledgment of Advanced Manufacturing Certificate on student transcripts.

For additional information on the Advanced Manufacturing Certificate please contact us.


PDF icon Advanced Manufacturing Approval Form