Maker Space: The Forge

The Forge is a student managed facility promoting the development of a maker community at Rensselaer. The facility is open to all members of the Forge Student Club. The Forge is supported by the School of Engineering (SoE) and the SoE Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab (MILL).  Visit the Forge website for additional information regardng services and resources.


The active and standing mission of the Forge is to promote and foster an inclusive collaborative design and innovation community (Defined by the Forge Student Club).

  • Provide a maker environment to support innovation, collaboration, and proof of concept modeling to enhance the educational process for students
  • Provide resources to promote student creativity and innovation
  • Serve as a knowledge hub fostering links to campus wide maker and fabrication facilities
  • Promote a maker community through outreach and internal maker related activities
George M. Low Center for Industrial Innovation (CII) Room 2037
  • Thunder Nova55 100w Laser Cutter
  • Luzbot Mini
  • Luzbot TAZ
  • MakerBot Z-18
  • MakerBot Replicator Mini
  • Smart Board
  • 80” Interactive LCD Monitor and Innovation Collaboration Systems
Hours of Operation 

The Forge is primarily staffed by trained club members.   Hours of operation can be found here and on the Forge Facebook page




All students using the Forge are required to show proof to the staff member or Forge Club Member on duty of completing the School of Engineering Safety Test. 

Knowledge Base 

Pop-up Classes

The Forge develops and delivers various technology “pop-up” sessions. The knowledge shared in these sessions is essential to assist students with class projects where they need to produce prototypes to evaluate form, function, and fit features of their proposed designs.  The knowledge gained from these lessons will further serve them as future engineers and designers.   Typically sessions are delivered in a three-hour block.

Current Pop-up Class Offering

  • The Design to 3D Printing Process Pop-up Class
    This pop-up will focus on giving students an opportunity to acquire knowledge related to translating computer aided designs into 3D Prints.  This session will be delivered on (TBD)
    [This should link to an event]

Contact (TBD) for additional information

MILL Manufacturing Services Request Forms and How to Documents

Founding Documents