Rapid Prototyping and Water-Jet Services for Academic Projects

RPI Rapid Prototyping and Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting

Core Engineering 3D printing and water-jet services for academic projects including:

  • Stratasys Dimension FDM Machine 
  • Stratasys UPrint FDM Machine 
  • Z-Corporation Z310 3D Printer
  • Flow Mach2 abrasive water-jet machine
Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab (MILL) – CII 1027

3DPrinting Resources; Stratasys Dimension FDM Machine, Stratasys UPrint FDM Machine, and Z-Corporation Z310 3D Printer

Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting Resources; Flow Mach2 abrasive water-jet machine


e-mail 3dprint@rpi.edu for 3d printing information and awjlaser@rpi.edu for water-jet information.